Monday, January 28, 2019

New Release~ Brokken Pursuit & Free Books & Looking Ahead

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Can a broken and forgotten sister get back the pursuit she’s denied?

Hannah Beth Walsh isn’t pretty or capable like her sisters. She can’t attract a husband, even when there’s a town full of eligible bachelors. So, she decides to pursue a career she knows she’s more than qualified for—becoming Brokken’s new school teacher. But when the mayor hires another teacher, not knowing about Hannah’s placement, she’s stuck being a teaching assistant until the end of the term, with the promise that one of them will move on next year.

Oliver Holt lost his leg after serving in the War only two months. To keep his spirits up, he threw himself in his studies in order to be well qualified as a teacher out west. But when he gets to Brokken, he finds himself taking away the position of a fiery young woman who keeps her heart on her sleeve. And he can’t help it, but he’s developing feelings for her.

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We've got a big year planned for 2019!
First ~ I'm in with the Lockets & Lace collection, planning for an April Release!
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Next ~ Did you enjoy A Bride for Henry? 
I've got 2 more Proxy Bride Books scheduled for publication in 2019!

Then ~ Love Holiday Romance?
I've got an Easter Bride Romance scheduled for release in March/April too! 

Also ~ I've joined the Pinkerton Matchmakers for 3 books this year!
If you want more info about the Pinkerton Matchmakers, check out the prequel to the series:

And Finally ~ If you love the Ridgeway Rescue Mysteries, 
I'm planning on adding two more episodes to Molly's adventures this year!
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Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Release and a Free Coloring Book

A spinster raised to run a ranch. An injured man with a broken heart. A wedding neither of them want, but both need more than they will ever admit.

October 1867, North Texas

Brienne Walsh has resigned to life as a spinster and the lone heir to the Walsh Ranch upon her grandfather's death. She's always been too tall, too strong, and too unprepossessing to be appealing to any man. Yet when the bank calls on her grandfather's loan, telling her to either pay the full amount due by the end of the month, or marry, she is thrown into an arrangement she can't abide but must endure.

Love has been unkind to Henry Miller. His first love promised to wait for him to return from fighting for the Union in the War, but when he returned, he found her married to his best friend. The betrayal cut him deeper than the bullet from a Confederate Springfield. He lost his fiancé and his best friend in one fell swoop two years ago, and now he finds himself losing his father and his home in another. With nowhere else to turn, he chooses to follow his father's wishes and sign a document he never thought he'd consider again--a marriage certificate.

This is a short, clean and wholesome, American western historical romance.

And Happy New Year!
I've updated to 2019, the year of the Pig~ 
you may even see a pig or two in some of my books this year.
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