Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bundles, Free Reading and New Releases coming up

Hi Everyone! I'm still slowly working through my catalog of ebooks and making them into audiobooks. If you have an audible account, click the picture to take you to the audible store for the book. If you're interested in any to listen for free for review, just send me a reply and I'll give you a code to claim the audio book.

I'm also working my books that are part of the same world into bundles! This makes it even more affordable if you haven't yet read these books, as they are 3 for the price of 1 for a limited time:
If you like reading bundles and getting a bargain, be sure to check out this sale that both my bundles are a part of:

I have over a dozen more new books coming up this year! If you are a reviewer for Amazon or Goodreads or Bookbub and want the chance to read them for free, join my ARC Team on Facebook:

Thursday, August 15, 2019

FREE Audiobooks for Reviewers - New Releases and more

Hi Everybody!

As I told you last time, I have several audiobooks in production! And some have now been completed:

If you are in the US or UK, have access to audible, and would be interested in reviewing either of these two books, just respond to this email (or email me) and let me know which one. I can only accept the first 3-4 responses for either book.

Recent New Releases:

A Bride for Harper just released today! Get it at Amazon:
Mabel Brown has always been her father’s favorite daughter. She was the son he’d never had. So when he finds that he’s dying, he makes arrangements for each of his three daughters to marry, but struggles to find a good, godly man for Mabel until he virtually falls into Harper’s lap.Harper Jones has lived all his life as a trapper and mountain man near Fort Laramie. As half native Crow and half white man, he’s had a hard time fitting in with just about everyone. Gaining a wife is the furthest thing from his mind until Mr. Brown makes him an offer that’s hard to refuse.To keep either of them from backing out of the arrangement after his death, Mr. Brown asks both of them to be married by proxy before they ever meet.

And in case you missed it, A Marshal for Christmas:

December 1880
When Lottie Reiner lost her father in the war, her mother fell to pieces. At the young age of eleven, Lottie began caring for her catatonic mother. But when both her mother and grandfather pass away months apart, Lottie becomes nothing but a burden to her family. Her grandmother pushes Lottie to get married before it’s too late. But Lottie is a twenty-seven-year-old spinster with no experience raising children. Isn’t it already too late?
Deputy US Marshal Archer King comes from a family of law keepers. His father was a US Marshal, and his mother worked as a Pinkerton Agent with Kate Warne. When his only sister passed on in childbirth, his brother-in-law swore he could care for the children on his own. And Archer was to check in on them, but in almost two years, he’s neglected that duty to his sister. When the father, Sam Hodge, goes missing, he finds out exactly what kind of dire situation the children have been subject to.
After being turned out of her home, Lottie heads to Durant, Oklahoma, where Sam Hodge and his two children live, in the hopes of becoming a new wife and mother. Only the mail-order situation does not turn out the way Lottie had hoped, and many of the things that Sam had told her in his letters turn out to be lies. The only thing true is the children, and Lottie is fast becoming attached to them. But what will happen when Sam is found? Will she have the opportunity to get a home and a family before Christmas?

Also, If you're a reviewer who'd like to connect with me and get to read my new books "first"
please join my reader group which I just started this month:

New books available for Pre-order:

Monday, July 1, 2019

Announcements, New Releases, and FREE Books!

Hi Everybody!

I realized last week that I was super behind with releasing audiobooks ~ So I've taken steps to remedy that! I'll be releasing all of my books in audio over the next couple months! I hope that this will help readers with vision impairments, those who do a lot of driving and like to listen while on the road, and others who read through listening :)

I'm continuing my rapid release schedule this month with 2 more new books coming out later in the month, but for now, here's two you might not have heard about yet:

 Two New Releases to Announce Today:
March 1872
Marriage has always been the furthest thing from Josie Roth’s mind. After all, the majority of men cannot suffer for a woman to vote, much less tolerate one who is smarter than him. For want of a son to take over his practice, her father raised his only child, Josie, to do the job. Even though she graduated summa cum laude at the New England Women’s College of Medicine, many in New England still looked down on her, believing that women should be either nurses or midwives. So, her father decided to take to the rails and travel out West, to Wyoming, and start a practice where there was a shortage of good doctors, hoping she’d be less frowned upon, being a woman.
Billy Hogge worked with Allan Pinkerton as an agent in Chicago before the fire. In fact, as a former fireman, he had volunteered to help bring the flames under control before they consumed the city. When the Chicago office shuts down, he joins the Pinkerton agency in Denver to work on crimes out west. He sees it as a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 
The two of them meet under the unfortunate circumstance of Josie’s father’s death. But she’s too sick to take care of arrangements, so Billy does them for her. When she finally comes to herself and mourns her father, she discovers that the town in Wyoming isn’t free of the prejudices that she’d been dealing with in the East, and she turns to the Pinkerton agency for employment. What happens when these two find out that the only way to work their next case together is by getting married first?


Emma and Molly are in New York City for the 4th of July spending some bonding time with Emma’s new stepmother, Macy. For the holiday, both Colby and her father intend on joining them. When they meet up at a lovely restaurant near the park at Brooklyn Bridge, they are just enjoying their time together before the fireworks display that evening. But when a hostess screams inside for someone to call the police, everything turns upside down.
Their own waitress was murdered in the break room, and the local police can’t come to the crime scene in a timely manner due to holiday traffic. The murder has all the earmarks of a crime of passion, but they can’t be sure who the culprit is, and they can’t find the weapon. Without any evidence, will they be able to solve the case before the perpetrator gets away with murder?

Free Today:

FREE TODAY: It's St. Patrick's Day and 20-year-old Emma Wright is working hard at training five-month-old Molly, her foster puppy, to become a therapy dog. But her training coach and neighbor gets an emergency call, cutting the lesson short, and Emma volunteers to pick up her daughter at a St. Patrick's Day concert in town. When Emma arrives, the concert has just finished up, and the teenage girls are visiting with the band. Then the lead singer stumbles and falls to the ground, dead. Emma becomes the only level head in the crowd and calls for help. When the Sheriff and Colby arrive, they investigate it as a potential accident. But Emma finds subtle clues that something more sinister is going on. Did the leader of the band die in an accident, or was it murder?

More Free Books through BookFunnel:

Upcoming Pre-Orders Available:

A Marshall for Christmas will release July 9 - 

An Agent for Clenna will release July 19 -

Murder at the Beach will release August 22 -

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Two New Releases to Announce

Almost every week, the past few weeks I've had a new release to announce! This week, it's An Agent for Opal...
Opal is $2.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited
Opal Cahill was raised as the only girl in a family full of rough and tumble men. They taught her to fight and survive and taught her to push aside fantasies, because reality is as harsh as the rough side of a cat’s tongue. But she could never let go of reading about adventures of life in the west and dreaming that she might one day become a Pinkerton agent, like her hero, Kate Warne. But when her father passes, she’s stuck living in Atlantic City with her cousin who sometimes has them living in rundown shacks and sometimes, high end hotels. Until one day, that odd lifestyle catches up with them both. When Opal must choose a place to go out west, she heads to the Pinkerton office in Denver in the hopes that they might still interview her though it’s months after they originally advertised they were accepting applicants.

Caleb Wade has just come back from going deep undercover. He returns to the Pinkerton office and runs into one of the most stubborn, frustrating, and interesting women he’s ever met. When he finds out that she’s not only his new partner but his new wife, he digs in his heels before he decides to treat it as another undercover act. Together the two travel to Ohio to help Archie’s good friend and owner of the Turner Theater deal with an arsonist who has already succeeded in burning down the theater once and threatens to do it again. Both Caleb and Opal must learn to get past their stubborn ways and work together in order to capture the person who threatens not only the building but the lead actress as well.

Lady Pinkerton detectives, their rough and ready agents, and a whole lot of excitement and romance! The Pinkerton Matchmaker series tells the stories of the women determined to bring criminals to justice, and the agents who win their hearts. Each book is a standalone story and they can be read in any order.

And Last week, my release was Moment of Grace:
Only 99¢ or FREE with Kindle Unlimited
With the winter came betrayal, but can Grace find redemption and forgiveness in the spring?

Grace Lynn Adams struggles to live up to her heavenly name. She doesn’t deserve it, after all the bad decisions she’s made. The only two people who ever saw past that bad part of her and her poor reputation were her ailing mother and her best friend, Charles. But in one night, as her mother lay on her death bed, taking her final breath, Grace betrayed them both. 

Meanwhile, in the quaint town of Belle, Wyoming, life goes on and winter gives way to spring. With the warm temperatures, Grace finally feels ready to move on from the miserable doldrums she’s been in and maybe find some way to help others again—and maybe earn a measure of penance. But with the coming Easter, she’s reminded of Charles’s offer of marriage before the night of her betrayal, and she wonders if Charles might be waiting until that day, when family and neighbors draw together, to finally expose her. Or maybe she’ll finally get the chance to explain that she’d never wanted to hurt him, even if she doesn’t deserve his forgiveness.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A Bride for James now available ~ And A Bride for Henry is ON SALE!

My newest Proxy Bride book is now available ~ and to celebrate, A Bride for Henry is on sale for only 99¢ - get a copy if you don't have one yet!

New Release:

A boxer who’s tired of fighting. A persecuted woman with an unwanted suitor. A marriage neither of them want, but both desperately need.

James Fisher is Champion of the Kansas City Pugilist Society, but it's a title he doesn't wear proudly. When the man he won the last match with dies overnight from his injuries, James doesn't want to see good people hurt for sport. The only problem is that his contract with the Pugilist Society remains in effect until death or marriage.

But who wants to marry a bruised and broken boxer?

When Abigail Lee's house is foreclosed on, she's left desolate but not alone. Her best friend, a former slave, is willing to allow her to live with them. But the people in town don't like her living situation, and an unwanted suitor comes knocking on the door, making threats. Abby doesn't want anyone to be hurt on her account but feels stuck between the frying pan and the fire until Cecilia comes up with a plan.

Only 99¢ Today:

A spinster raised to run a ranch. An injured man with a broken heart. A wedding neither of them want, but both need more than they will ever admit.

October 1867, North Texas

Brienne Walsh has resigned to life as a spinster and the lone heir to the Walsh Ranch upon her grandfather's death. She's always been too tall, too strong, and too unprepossessing to be appealing to any man. Yet when the bank calls on her grandfather's loan, telling her to either pay the full amount due by the end of the month, or marry, she is thrown into an arrangement she can't abide but must endure.

Love has been unkind to Henry Miller. His first love promised to wait for him to return from fighting for the Union in the War, but when he returned, he found her married to his best friend. The betrayal cut him deeper than the bullet from a Confederate Springfield. He lost his fiancé and his best friend in one fell swoop two years ago, and now he finds himself losing his father and his home in another. With nowhere else to turn, he chooses to follow his father's wishes and sign a document he never thought he'd consider again--a marriage certificate.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Release Day for Promise of Home and Grab a FREE Book too

Hi Everybody!
I'm so excited because Promise of Home released today!

Here's a snippet of the story:
Julia peered into the room and found a six or seven-year-old child on the floor, her nightgown hiked half way up her thighs, her hands in her matted hair as she pulled at it and stared at the ceiling above her. Tear tracks streamed down her face. Then her brown eyes met Julia’s and widened. She backed away quickly, picking up the nearest wooden block and throwing it at Julia. The wooden block bounced off the thick skirt of Julia’s traveling dress.

A hand rested on Julia’s arm, and Mrs. Jensen’s worry-filled eyes met hers. “She’s weary of strangers. It may take her a moment more to calm down.”

Julia rested her hand atop Mrs. Jensen’s and set her carpet bag on the floor beside her feet. “I’ll be okay.”

Then she took a deep breath and focused on the young, wild girl who sat in the corner, terrified eyes fixed upon Julia. Julia took three steps forward and then knelt down, reveling in the weight of silence for a moment, ignoring the presence of those behind her. She offered Savannah a soft smile, but the child frowned, narrowed her eyes at Julia and then threw another wooden block.

Even though Julia didn’t often understand the rules when it came to sports, she liked to play them. And the Milne family loved a new game they had learned during their stay in Brooklyn when they met her—baseball. Julia reached out and caught the block in her hand, ignoring the sting on her palm and fingers. The child’s eyes went wide and her mouth formed an “O.” Keeping her smile on her face, Julia set down the wooden block on the floor and tilted her head toward Savannah.

The child studied her with curiosity more than suspicion now. Progress. Julia edged just a bit closer to the corner Savannah had backed herself into and the sat on the floor, straightening her skirts around her legs. For a long moment, the two of them sat quietly. When the sun outside had set, it leeched out the last of the natural light that had come in through the window when she’d first arrived. Though she didn’t look, Julia saw Mrs. Jensen set a lantern on the nearby table from the corner of her eye.

Julia’s stomach growled. She hadn’t had dinner since getting off the train from Hartford, but she ignored the annoyance. She ignored everything except the silence and the child whose tension slowly slipped away as she sat in the corner. Savannah’s eyes half closed, and her head nodded once before she ripped it upward and opened her eyes wide. Julia offered her another smile and finally, reached a hand out toward her.

Savannah lifted a brow and looked at her hand for a long moment, a frown returning to her face.

Together, they had been sitting there for the better part of two hours. In silence. In patience. In stubbornness. And Julia had her arm outstretched and the small smile on her face for long enough that her arm grew tired and her elbow began to hurt from the weight of her own hand. Savannah didn’t nod off again. Instead she continued to stare at Julia incredulously. Then, finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Savannah leaned forward and crawled to Julia. She bypassed Julia’s outstretched hand and crawled directly into Julia’s lap.

Julia stayed utterly still, her hand still outstretched while the child’s knees dug into her numbed calves. Though pain shot through her body. Julia ignored it, fighting to keep a smile on her face though she wanted to wince. Then Savannah’s fingers gently touched the locket on Julia’s neck. She fingered the oval and lifted the pendant. Julia remained still, her breath becoming bated as Savannah gripped the locket in her palm, and the chain bit into the back of Julia’s neck a moment just before the chain broke when Savannah yanked on the locket.
Find out more:

Despite a difficult childhood, Felicity Stilton never gave up on her dreams. Now, as an adult, she and her Golden Retriever, JJ, help special needs children pave the way for their own futures. Everything is perfect, until she gets the one call she never expected to receive.

Officer Darren Willis hates that it falls to him to tell the beautiful and inspiring Felicity her birth mother has taken her own life. Although the case appears to be open-and-shut, the grieving daughter insists something foul is afoot. Will he be brave enough to follow dark clues into the past alongside the one woman with whom he just might want to make a future?

Only Darren believes Felicity’s suspicions and is willing to help investigate what really happened to her long-lost mother. When the signs begin to point to murder, Darren worries Felicity might be next… But should he abandon the case to protect her even if it means losing the woman he loves forever?

Sunday, April 7, 2019

New Release ~ Murder on a Cruise Ship

Hi everybody - For the month of April, I have four new releases coming up!
Here's the first :)

Ridgeway Rescue Mysteries can be read in 1-2 hours. Perfect for when you're waiting for an appointment or just want a fast read. Don't miss out on this quick, clean, cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the end!

All hands on deck! It’s a beautiful spring day and 20-year-old Emma Wright is meeting her crush, Colby Davidson, for a two-hour tour specifically for dogs and their owners – The Canine Cruise. She and Molly, the Saint Bernard, are so excited to see both Colby and Gabby, his K9 partner, as the two have been away on training. 
It’s smooth sailing until someone shouts “man overboard!” A news reporter who is covering the day cruise for a local station falls into the fast-flowing Potomac River, and she doesn’t know how to swim. Did the reporter fall overboard in an accident, or was it murder?

Coming soon... Available for PreOrder:

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