Friday, November 29, 2019

New Releases, 99¢ sales, FREE Murder Mystery and more

Hi Everybody! I've had an incredibly busy Thanksgiving week or so. How about you? But I have some new releases to share with you (And more coming in December still!) Here are the latest releases, several books on sale for 99¢ for the holiday and also Murder on the 4th of July is FREE today, too!

Here are my newest releases:
Ruby Lockwood had no intention of marrying her gentleman caller, Mr. Brown, but her denials fell upon her father's deaf ears. When she turns to her mother for help, her mother gives Ruby an ultimatum--join her sister in Denver and become a Pinkerton Agent or give Mr. Brown a courting chance.

Emma and Molly are heading to her mother's house in Richmond to spend time with her step-family over the holiday, but before Emma can even get there, she's witness to a single car accident. As things unfold, it becomes more and more obvious that it's not an accident at all, but murder... How will Emma prove that the mourning fiance is actually a murderer?

These Great Reads are only 99¢ for a few days:
A childhood crush, a widowed father and an interfering Aunt. Can Amanda's dreams of being Nate's wife come true this Christmas?

A lonely and abused woman without a home. A Marshal who is given the sudden responsibility of two children. A mail-order bride situation that has fallen to ruin. Can Lottie find a home and a family by Christmas?

The 12 Mysteries of Christmas Collection- SPECIAL PRICING FOR A LIMITED TIME
It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit with a little mystery. Enjoy all 12 mysteries in one collection!

And don't miss this one while it's FREE:
Emma and Molly are in New York City for the 4th of July spending some bonding time with Emma’s new stepmother, Macy. For the holiday, both Colby and her father intend on joining them. When they meet up at a lovely restaurant near the park at Brooklyn Bridge, they are just enjoying their time together before the fireworks display that evening. But when a hostess screams inside for someone to call the police, everything turns upside down.

Bonus~ Some of my books are in these sales, check out the other ones available, too (Click the picture to see more):

Monday, November 18, 2019

Three New Releases you don't want to miss and a Free book

This month I've had 3 new releases so far. I'm still expecting 2 more releases before the end of the month as well as four in December! I'm writing as fast as I can, and as long as the characters keep telling me their stories, I'll have new ones for you often!

Here are the three latest releases:

Adelaide is running from trouble, but runs right into the Pinkerton Agency. When she gets matched with a rough-looking former pugilist, will she run again?
Two hearts separated by time reunite and remind each other of what's really important.
Angel Wilson has been running her family's farm, her late father's veterinary practice, and everything in between. She's never had time to be feminine or dream for herself. She never even knew she wanted those things until she runs into her first love Henry again, the owner of the South Creede Livery.
December 1880
A rejected nanny who is the center of scorn. A sheriff who loses his bride. Can a spurned spinster of a mail-order bride become the family a sheriff needs for Christmas?

And finally, for the season, I recommend this little promise box of verses and thoughts that will help you be more thankful this season - it's FREE at Amazon:
This book is a short devotional book with scriptures and notes on those scriptures meant to engage the reader in praise and thanksgiving for God and His promises. Perfect for this season of thanks, but can be used any time of year to help you remember all the things God has done for you and why we should praise Him!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

New Releases, 99¢ Sale and Giveaway

Hi Everyone! 
I've got so many new releases coming to you each month, but don't want to overload you, so here's what's just released and coming up pretty soon!
Since my last blog, I released 2 books ~
As a news reporter, Joy always tried to keep herself out of the paper. But what happens when events at her own paper end up as the headline news?

Savannah Lockwood dreams of living a life adventure like the ones she reads about in her books, but her father wants her to grow up and get married. Her mother, on the other hand, has always supported her dreams.

And next week, I'm releasing:
Colby invites Emma to attend his high school reunion, along with both Gabby and Molly. The night couldn't be more perfect... until they stumble upon a murder...

If you haven't read my Ridgeway Rescue Mysteries,
Here's your chance to get the first 5 books for only 99¢ (Sale ends soon)
This bundle contains the first five mysteries in the series ~ Join 20-year-old Emma Wright as she and her trusty rescue foster puppy, Molly as they spend a year together solving mysteries, growing up, and finding love.

And now my Giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have about ten more new books coming up this year! If you are a reviewer for Amazon or Goodreads or Bookbub and want the chance to read them for free, join my ARC Team on Facebook:

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bundles, Free Reading and New Releases coming up

Hi Everyone! I'm still slowly working through my catalog of ebooks and making them into audiobooks. If you have an audible account, click the picture to take you to the audible store for the book. If you're interested in any to listen for free for review, just send me a reply and I'll give you a code to claim the audio book.

I'm also working my books that are part of the same world into bundles! This makes it even more affordable if you haven't yet read these books, as they are 3 for the price of 1 for a limited time:
If you like reading bundles and getting a bargain, be sure to check out this sale that both my bundles are a part of:

I have over a dozen more new books coming up this year! If you are a reviewer for Amazon or Goodreads or Bookbub and want the chance to read them for free, join my ARC Team on Facebook:

Thursday, August 15, 2019

FREE Audiobooks for Reviewers - New Releases and more

Hi Everybody!

As I told you last time, I have several audiobooks in production! And some have now been completed:

If you are in the US or UK, have access to audible, and would be interested in reviewing either of these two books, just respond to this email (or email me) and let me know which one. I can only accept the first 3-4 responses for either book.

Recent New Releases:

A Bride for Harper just released today! Get it at Amazon:
Mabel Brown has always been her father’s favorite daughter. She was the son he’d never had. So when he finds that he’s dying, he makes arrangements for each of his three daughters to marry, but struggles to find a good, godly man for Mabel until he virtually falls into Harper’s lap.Harper Jones has lived all his life as a trapper and mountain man near Fort Laramie. As half native Crow and half white man, he’s had a hard time fitting in with just about everyone. Gaining a wife is the furthest thing from his mind until Mr. Brown makes him an offer that’s hard to refuse.To keep either of them from backing out of the arrangement after his death, Mr. Brown asks both of them to be married by proxy before they ever meet.

And in case you missed it, A Marshal for Christmas:

December 1880
When Lottie Reiner lost her father in the war, her mother fell to pieces. At the young age of eleven, Lottie began caring for her catatonic mother. But when both her mother and grandfather pass away months apart, Lottie becomes nothing but a burden to her family. Her grandmother pushes Lottie to get married before it’s too late. But Lottie is a twenty-seven-year-old spinster with no experience raising children. Isn’t it already too late?
Deputy US Marshal Archer King comes from a family of law keepers. His father was a US Marshal, and his mother worked as a Pinkerton Agent with Kate Warne. When his only sister passed on in childbirth, his brother-in-law swore he could care for the children on his own. And Archer was to check in on them, but in almost two years, he’s neglected that duty to his sister. When the father, Sam Hodge, goes missing, he finds out exactly what kind of dire situation the children have been subject to.
After being turned out of her home, Lottie heads to Durant, Oklahoma, where Sam Hodge and his two children live, in the hopes of becoming a new wife and mother. Only the mail-order situation does not turn out the way Lottie had hoped, and many of the things that Sam had told her in his letters turn out to be lies. The only thing true is the children, and Lottie is fast becoming attached to them. But what will happen when Sam is found? Will she have the opportunity to get a home and a family before Christmas?

Also, If you're a reviewer who'd like to connect with me and get to read my new books "first"
please join my reader group which I just started this month:

New books available for Pre-order:

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